Waynesboro, VA
Feasibility Study

Waynesboro Fire Station

Hughes Associates A&E was commissioned by the City of Waynesboro to assess four possible locations for a new fire station. A feasibility study was prepared for each of the four sites. Based on those studies, two sites were chosen for more in-depth study including the preparation of conceptual site and architectural plans and construction cost estimates. The sites were evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Zoning
    • Conformity with the surrounding land uses
    • Compatibility with existing adjacent development
    • Evaluation of need for special use permit or rezoning
    • Determination of layout based on district regulations including setbacks, buffering, screening and landscaping.
  • Drainage
    • Evaluation of stormwater management considerations including stormwater quantity and quality control
    • Determinations of adequate outfalls
    • Selected methods to protect drainage ways from infiltration of fuel or hazardous materials run-off from fire apparatus
    • Evaluation of potential impacts on wetlands
  • Traffic
    • Assessment of traffic circulation within the site to separate emergency and department traffic from public access
    • Evaluated traffic flow away from the site including needs for controlled intersections
  • Site Layout
    • Selected potential site to ensure economical grading and minimize impact of lighting and noise on adjacent properties
  • Grading
  • Utility Availability

Architects and civil engineers from Hughes Associates A&E, along with their nationally-recognized fire and emergency services consultant Stewart-Cooper-Newell Architects, worked closely with the City Manager, Fire Chief, and department staff to determine space needs for current and future operations. In order to minimize design fees, an existing prototype station lay-out was modified for their specific needs. A construction budget was developed based on the architects’ experience with current fire facility costs. The project is currently on hold pending funding.