Moneta, VA
Master Plan & Additions
1994 Phase 1, 2000 Phase 2

Trinity Ecumenical Parish

Trinity Ecumenical Parish is a unique partnership among three denominations (Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Episcopal) who have combined their members into a single congregation under one roof. Hughes Associates A&E was commissioned to develop a master plan and design the first building to meet the needs of the blended group. The first phase consisted of a 285-seat sanctuary (expandable to 400 with the removal of adjacent classroom walls) and a combination fellowship hall/commons area, as well as kitchen and administrative offices i. This phase enclosed 11,000 square feet and provided parking for 102 vehicles.

When the parish grew, they reviewed our master plan and, finding that its original vision had appropriately provided for their current needs, we were brought back to design a 20,800 sf addition to expand sanctuary seating to 475 and add a 4,000+ sf fellowship hall. The plan also includes classrooms, child care rooms, offices and a youth/teen area. This phase was completed in 2015 and incorporates space for future classroom expansion.