Roanoke, VA
New Construction

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North Roanoke County Fire Station No. 1

This fire station, designed by Hughes Associates A&E, was the first to be built in Roanoke County since the 1970’s. It is a one-story pre-engineered metal building structure wrapped in a stone and brick façade. With 16,470 square feet of enclosed space, the building program includes three double-loaded drive-through apparatus bays, decontamination and tool maintenance facilities, and training areas on two levels. Residential quarters are provided for 12 firefighters including a common bunkroom, fitness training room, dayroom and dining room.

The adjacent Harshbarger House, an historic home built in 1804, was the inspiration for selecting exterior finishes of brick and stone veneer; a metal roof echoes that of the house. Stone bays with arched openings help reduce the scale of the building and blend it with its historic and natural context. Most of the 9.7-acre site has been left undeveloped with stands of deciduous and evergreen trees dotting a rocky hillside. A carefully located screen of plantings hides the new building from its neighbors. Site paved areas are a combination of heavy-duty asphalt and reinforced concrete. Mechanical units and dumpsters have been screened from view with enclosures matching the building’s façade. Associated architects for this project are Stewart-Cooper-Newell Architects of Gastonia, NC.