Lynchburg, VA
New Construction

Centra Summit Nursing Home

Centra selected Hughes Associates A&E for the new Summit Nursing Home project. Project goals were to help create:

  • A sense of place that feels like a home
  • A facility that respects the resident
  • A “world” of dignity celebrating the final chapter of life
  • Environments that reflect a sense of pride and ownership

Our firm first analyzed and assessed what future Summit residents might desire, where input was solicited from internal firm members, nursing home staff, family members, and residents in existing nursing homes. The answers resulted in a design that created unique features within the Summit, including:

  • Four communities that house 20 residents each
  • Community centers that are like a street cafe with a view to the center courtyard
  • Dining that is more akin to a restaurant experience than an institutional one
  • Hair salon that is set-up for conversation similar to Floyd’s Barber Shop in Mayberry
  • Activity areas that function as social environments, even for the neighboring community
  • Verandas that offer a chance to see and be seen
  • Courtyard that offers comfortable seating and pathways, plus elevated mini-gardens for resident use

This project was selected by the American Institute of Architects for inclusion in “Design for Aging Review,” one of only 44 projects chosen nationwide in 2004.